Marketing Sales
In today's business environment, many people equate marketing with sales. (For example, if you hire a "Marketing Rep," what you're really hiring is a "Sales Person.") At Marketing Renovations, marketing is a practical, customer-centric process, where Sales is only one of marketing's many integrated functions. We define this as Applied Strategic Marketing, or ASM.

Many consulting firms focus only on high-level strategy and leave clients with a plan that is incomprehensible, impractical or unaffordable. Some firms focus solely on marketing communications by creating glossy brochures and catchy taglines, without truly understanding market dynamics and customer needs.

ASM Marketing = Sales
Marketing Renovations distinguishes itself from other firms by practicing Applied Strategic Marketing (ASM)-a combination of thorough Strategic Market Planning with informed Tactical Plan Implementation. We listen, we analyze, we design, we implement. These Services, coupled with measurable results and continuous plan improvement, make Marketing Renovations unique among marketing consulting firms. The bottom line of our Applied Strategic Marketing Model: Marketing does means Sales--only this time, of course, we mean sales revenue.

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