PHASE TWO: Tactical Plan Implementation

Having a great plan is one thing. Making that plan a reality is another. That’s where Applied Strategic Marketing really shines. Unlike other consulting firms, Marketing Renovations doesn’t stop with the plan. We have the skills, experience and resources to execute the plan and make it spring to life.

Brand & Message Development
What do our customers need to know and feel before making a purchase? What are the best words and images we can use to get that knowledge and feeling ingrained with the customer? What are the best techniques for getting our message heard?

Program Implementation
What materials need to be produced to carry our messages to prospective customers, investors, the media? How should these materials and messages be delivered: snail mail, email, the web, special events, TV, billboards, newspapers, and magazines? What tools and training does our sales force need to deliver the message and complete the sale?

Sales Execution
How do the marketing programs and our sales force need to interact to be successful? Whom should our sales force target? How do we manage the timing and deliverables? How do we manage the process?

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